Eurospeak bases its language competence assessment on the Council of Europe’s Common Framework for Modern Language (CEF), this classifies business English language abilities according to the following criteria.

Where additional official qualification is required, preparation for the Cambridge Business English Certificates can be provided.

For general English, Eurospeak also offers preparation for the following Cambridge Certificate Examinations: First Certificate in English (CEF Level B2), Certificate in Advanced English (CEF Level C1), and Certificate of Proficiency in English (CEF Level C2).

In recognition of our excellent performance in training corporate candidates for the Business English Certificates (BEC) examinations, Eurospeak has been designated “Official Supplier School” by the Cambridge Examination Centre Hamburg.

Dazu schrieb das Cambridge Examination Centre Hamburg auf seiner Homepage über Eurospeak:

“… Eurospeak Hamburg hat sich insbesondere im Bereich der BEC-Examinations profiliert und viele Kandidatinnen und Kandidaten erfolgreich auf diese drei Prüfungen vorbereitet. Eurospeak wird hierfür mit einem SUPPLIER SCHOOL CERTIFICATE ausgezeichnet. Herzlichen Glückwunsch! “

Common European Framework (Levels) BEC Cambridge Certificate
C2 Competent User
Managing and presenting complex information
C1 Higher Advanced
B2 Independent User
Processing and communicating comprehensive information
B1 Preliminary First Certificate
A2 Basic User
Understanding and building upon simple information
Key English