Specialists and executives of international companies who are confronted with a stay in a foreign culture, often accompanied by their families, need to develop their international orientation to master the challenge of cooperating successfully with the new local culture. Among others we have offered courses on South Africa, Egypt, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Spain, USA, Mexico and the UK.


Eurospeak offers two types of inter-cultural training; length and duration are flexible:


Practical cultural preparation:
This involves the analysis and discussion of important socio-cultural aspects of life in the target culture with a trainer from the country concerned. If required this is combined with intensive language training. An inter-cultural evening programme is also available.



Cross-cultural communication:
Theoretical and practical training of cross-cultural skills and techniques applied to the following areas:


  • Cross-cultural reference: comparative framework
  • Beliefs, values, norms, mentality of target culture
  • Impacts of socio-economic cultural background
  • Business culture: Germany v. target culture

To see an example programme, click the download PDF button below:


  download Pdf Cross Cultural programme – 2 Days