The following range of services can be provided individually or in combination. Our experience shows that close, long-term cooperation with HR departments in assessing aims followed by regular feedback achieves the most effective results. Our clients are guaranteed a fast, flexible and attentive service – one you will really be able to rely on.


Regular in-company training: Groups (maximum 8 participants) usually meet once or twice a week for 90 minutes of training in general business English. We try to ensure continuity in our training team.


Intensive courses: We arrange workshops and seminars to facilitate rapid and intensive language development for individuals or groups.These often have specific targets, for example the preparation of international presentations, negotiations or meetings.


Cambridge Business English Certificate: We offer training for the 3 levels of the Cambridge BEC exams BEC Preliminary, BEC Vantage, BEC Higher. These correspond to the levels classified under the Common European Framework for Modern Languages and are internationally recognised.


One to One training: In cases where individual training is required, we offer focused courses with a flexible structure.


Intercultural Training: Where staff are required to spend a period of time in foreign countries, we organizes intercultural training to orientate staff and their families or if necessary whole departments. Supplementary intensive language training is often provided.


E-learning: For staff unable to attend regular training, e-learning courses can be arranged with variable blends of support. These include face-to-face training and/or telephone and email trainer contact.

Eurospeak also offers translation, interpreting services as well as training in many other languages. Details on request.