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1. …. is a new secretary in our department.
It Their There They

2. He is … .
a clerk any clerk clerk one clerk

3. Are … customers happy?
that they this those

4. Give the letter … .
theirs them they to them

5. They can go to … canteen for lunch.
our ours us yours

6. Whose is that computer disk? It’s … .
for her her hers to her

7. I think Miss Miller has received … money.
a any none some

8. There aren’t … people at the meeting.
a lot lots many much

9. She’s got … faxes still to type.
a few a little little a number

10. … sent that letter to him?
Where Who Whom Why

11. … did you put the documents?
What Where Who Whose

12. … your father?” “Fine, thanks”.
How’s Where’s Who’s Why’s

13. That car is not as old … this one is.
as how like than

14. Because of the last accident he works … .
more careful much careful very careful very carefully

15. Last month was the … sales result so far.
baddest most bad worse worst

16. My wife … coffee at the moment.
are making is making make makes

17. … he take the train at the same time every morning?
Has Is Do Does

18. … she going to visit the factory tomorrow?
Aren’t Isn’t Doesn’t Weren’t

19. The production manager … to travel to Paris soon.
had has have having

20. Did your colleague want … the annual report?
me see me to see that I see me seeing

21. We’d really like … to the show tonight.
you come you should come you will come you to come

22. You … the documents before going home.
ought file ought to file should filing should to file

23. Were you in Amsterdam last week? No I … .
don’t didn’t wasn’t weren’t

24. He … the ferry to Dover yesterday.
has missed missed misses was missing

25. … all the jobs last Friday?
Have you completed Did you complete Did you completed Were you completing

26. She’ll call you up when she … the details.
gets is getting will get will be getting

27. When he was a child, he … in Vienna for ten years.
has been living has lived had lived lived

28. Is the patient still here? He was here five minutes ago. Who … for then?
does he wait he waited has he waited was he waiting

29. If we … the examination, we’ll celebrate with champagne.
pass past will pass would pass

30. They’ve read about the film but they … it yet.
don’t see didn’t saw haven’t seen weren’t seeing

31. The Chairman is arriving … 10 a.m.
at in on to

32. This is a good piece … artwork. You’ve got the contract.
of off with

33. It’s time to leave now. All the staff are coming … the office.
in out off out of

34. It is essential that the order is ready … time.
at by for on

35. Jane … the office after 9 o’clock.
arrived to entered at got to reached at

36. Is the tour party looking … the new building?
at of on to

37. Mary is listening … the latest news.
at of on to

38. What’s the matter … that customer today?
by from to with

39. The result depends … the marketing plan.
at by on to

40. They usually spend too much time … organisation.
at by on with

41. Why do you always insist … making decisions alone?
on over to with

42. The foreman told us to concentrate … the job.
at in on to

43. There is a big need … this component … the market.
for / at for / on on / at off / in

44. The product is constructed … our parts … that factory.
in / with from / on with / at over / by

45. The bank clerk asked … a raise … salary.
for / with to / for – / of for / in

46. Why didn’t he make them … the task?
complete completing completed to complete

47. They didn’t tell us the elevator … be repaired.
has going to had been going to was going to will be going to

48. The vehicle is … a lot of petrol, isn’t it?
employing having needing using

49. We were astonished when the interpreter asked us if we’d mind … a moment.
for waiting that we wait waiting to wait

50. I’d rather not … the authorities about it.
tell telling to tell you tell

51. That factory is in a bad condition. It … for years.
hasn’t been painting hasn’t been painted isn’t painted wasn’t been painted

52. When the bank … last year, the police were already waiting.
has been broken int had been broken into broke into was broken into

53. It got so late that, by the time I reached the docks at 10:30, the 10 o’clock boat … .
departed has departed had departed was departed

54. When we entered the office, John … on the computer so hard that he didn’t notice us.
has been working has worked was working worked

55. If I won a lot of money I … my job and retire.
gave up give up will give up would give up

56. If Mary hadn’t been so surprised, she … the car.
didn’t crash hadn’t crashed wouldn’t crash wouldn’t have crashed

57. When Cynthia saw the consultant, she explained where and how she … her arm.
has broken had been breaking had broken was breaking

58. While the presentation … place, the audience was distracted by low flying aircraft.
takes took has taken was taking

59. If you really wanted a car, it … a good idea to check the newspaper ads.
is was will be would be

60. When the goods … please make a bank transfer to the client.
are delivered will delivered will be delivered will have been delivered



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