Last Minute Training:
Important meeting or presentation or social event coming up? Worried that your English is a bit rusty?


Call us now to arrange special targeted training to make sure you perform well. We are flexible: book as many or as few hours as you wish. Trainers can be arranged quickly if necessary from one day to the next.


One-to-One training:
Eurospeak offers special prices for crash 1-1 courses with reductions for volume bookings. Call us for details


Once you could speak and understand English quite well. But since your schooldays, or in your previous job, you haven’t had the chance to practice actively for some time. The knowledge is there but, like a machine that hasn’t been used, it’s got rusty! And then suddenly one day you are confronted at the workplace with the need to use English again internationally. So let us activate your lost knowledge for you quickly and effectively in the form of a Eurospeak seminar or workshop.


To receive information on any of the above, call: 040 22 54 60