Eurospeak trainers are specially selected with two fundamental criteria in mind: relevant qualifications and strong communicative skills.


Our communicative and interactive training takes place in small groups with no more than 8 participants and the emphasis is placed on the practical application of language and skills, rather than theory. Our experience has shown that motivated learning in a classroom scenario is best achieved when inhibitions are broken down by combining hard-work with humour and a relaxed atmosphere. Success is a two-way process and we encourage participants in our training to complement their trainer’s efforts with motivation and input of their own. It is important to ensure continuity once this atmosphere has been established, so changes to the training team occur as seldom as possible.




A Eurospeak trainer combines the following qualities:


  • Native speaker with cultural knowledge of their country of origin
  • TEFL qualified with a university degree
  • Experience in adult education
  • Knowledge of relevant sector
  • Creative and flexible
  • Ability to motivate


To maintain these high standards our trainers receive continual teacher training and development.