Regular training usually lasts 90 minutes per lesson and takes place once or twice weekly. This is suitable for either groups (max. 8 participants) or individuals (one-to-one) who have contact with English in their daily business and wish to reactivate and develop existing skills – however rusty they may be!


Learners are grouped according to their level, based on the results of the Eurospeak Placement test, which can also be completed online (see Placement Test) Suitable courses are then chosen and adapted to fit their business English needs: these can cover areas such as handling international phone calls, writing emails and letters, participating in meetings, negotiations, presentations or dealing with visitors. This practical approach develops language skills, building up confidence while gradually decreasing inhibitions.





The general structure of a 90 minute class would include the following:


  • Warm-up activity (i.e. review of vocabulary from last lesson)
  • Introduction of topic
  • Input of language or grammar point (i.e. through reading or listening exercises)
  • Listening/video input to emphasise learning topic
  • Controlled practice of language/grammar point
  • Free production of language/grammar point (i.e. discussions or role-plays)
  • Homework for consolidation


Regular training can also be combined with other services: see our case studies for possible blends.